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The KINGDOM Series



Want an illustration of your lion-hearted barbarian, mischievous tiefling, or cybernetic orc? Send me some details and let me bring them to life!

Or would you like to see your own totems come to life as a part of The Kingdom series? Looking for a new badge in a unique style? Let's do it!

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Stephanie "Maw" Chacón is an Atlanta based illustrator. She works as an in-house artist painting pretty girls and shiny things by day, and works on her own personal series by night (animals and…more pretty girls). Ms.Maw enjoys travel, tabletop games, and smiling.

Ms.Maw streams Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-10PM EST, so drop by and say hello!


For business, shop, or shipping inquiries, please contact at


Convention Schedule 2019

MsMaw will be making appearances at the following shows:

  • Spectrum Fantastic Art, Kansas City MO- March 29-31

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta, Atlanta GA- May 9–13

  • Momocon, Atlanta GA- May 23-26

  • Atlanta Comic-Con, Atlanta GA- July 12-14

  • Dragoncon ArtShow, Atlanta GA- August 30-September 2

Come by and say hey!

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